our-story2My training was tested when my son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. 
As an accomplished psychotherapist with years of experience, I’m familiar with treating clients with a range of mental health issues. I’ve been trained by psychiatrists and worked with clients pursuing pharmaceutical treatment.  That was all put to the test when my when my sweet son Evan was diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), attention deficit disorder, anxiety, motor and speech apraxia, and a sensory processing disorder.

Evan began retreating into his silent world, where he became anxious and full of rage.  He had global developmental delays, with difficulty speaking, obsessions and compulsions, social, physical and academic challenges. He developed blue circles under his eyes and had trouble sleeping.  I didn’t know what to do.

I grew desperate to help him.  I took him to doctors and enrolled him in intensive therapies.  I knew medication would be introduced, and I was concerned about the side effects.  I’d seen children become almost unrecognizable in my practice as the result of medication – with increased anger, depression, fogginess, and even seizures, tics, paranoia, and psychosis – but as a mother, I was afraid to question the medical professionals.

Many mainstream doctors recommended medication, to cover up symptoms rather than address the underlying causes.  Through extensive research, I discovered that many children are out of balance biochemically and plagued by nutritional deficiencies.  The intestinal system becomes inflamed due to genetic mutations and food intolerances, which results in inflammation and prevents proper metabolic and brain functioning.

Evan began to heal at a deeper level as we addressed his gut issues.  With the help of a naturopath and other supportive doctors, his gut wall began to recover, and he was able to absorb nutrients properly.  We added in Eastern medicine treatments such as acupuncture and saw improvement in all areas of development.

our-story3Evan demonstrated massive improvements and is now a healthy and well-adjusted child.  He is more successful in school. He is on the basketball team. , Evan is more sociable, and his communication abilities have improved.  He has friends and engages comfortably with family.  He is imaginative and independent, and expresses his needs, likes, and dislikes.  He has a strong personality, with a dry sense of humor.  He made up for previous developmental delays.  The changes are profound.   
I’ve dedicated myself to improving the lives of families and children struggling with these diagnoses.  I’ve written a book, initiated dialogue, worked with community organizations, advocated for children and families and created an extensive online community to dialogue about the need to treat these disorders safely and naturally.

I practice what I preach, in my home, my office and online.  I’ve pulled away from the pharmaceutical paradigm, and refer to integrative physicians, naturopaths, and other natural health practitioners.  I took to social media and started blogging, teaching other parents how to pursue alternative and natural solutions for healing autism spectrum disorders.  I have an active and engaged community on my Facebook page, “Healing ADHD & Asperger’s Without Hurting.”

Now I support children and their families by providing private consultation and coaching.  As an extension of my mission, I now offer the guidance and support families are desperately seeking.  To learn more about the way I work I encourage you to read about my services.