Q. Since healing your children of ADHD, Anxiety & autism. Can you share your perspective on how your role as a mom has influenced your approach to working in mental healthcare improvement?  (E.g. insights you’ve gained about the industry by being the “health care head of your household”)

A. I began my quest to help my children with autism, ADHD, anxiety and sleep issues by going to pediatric specialists, our pediatrician, and other allopathic physicians. Then I started doing my own research by reading countless books & medical articles and studies from esteemed medical journals. 

What I have learned: 

  • Our doctors weren’t  reading the same medical journals I was. And why?
  • Our doctors textbooks are written by the pharmaceutical companies.

I have also learned:

  • You can’t get health in a pill. 
  • Many doctors have little idea how to heal the body.
  • They have zero idea how to treat autoimmune disorders without using experimental chemo drugs and steroids. 
  • Many doctors only look through a single organ lens and have no idea how one organ or system affects another. 
  • Our doctors don’t know a single thing about nutrition or how real food heals the body. Nor do they know the impact “fake food”, pesticides and toxic chemicals has on our health.
  • They only have two tools in the toolbox – meds & surgery. And, when either don’t work, there are side-effects or when they are not applicable – they are out of options. 
  • They ignore treatments that work or call the many modalities outside mainstream medicine (steeped in tradition and used widely in other countries) quack medicine or pseudoscience.
  • Our insurance companies don’t cover worthwhile and important treatments.
  • Our healthcare system would rather put a bandaid on a splinter, than pull it out.

I have learned through the process of trying to heal my children, that we live in greedy & profit loving health industry that cares little about our health. A system that cares more about inflating profit margins. And a world of consumers that have bought into the lies and deception of big corporation – hook line and sinker.

We live in a sick care system. An industry that has little regard to how we got sick in the first place. An industry that won’t look at the causes of disease,  because it would cost our food industry and our Pharma industry billions to change their practices. Nor is there any interest in reversing the damage, because we have now become their customers. 

There is zero money to be made in getting us well or finding the “cure.” 

As a mom, I am hear to make a stand. And I ask that we all wake up and make a stand for real change. We need to take the power away from big industries and demand a paradigm shift. We can no longer put a price tag on our mental and physical health. The amount of pain we are creating for our families and our children is a high price to pay for the way we conduct our business. 

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