jenn-head-shot-smlI’m Jennifer Kozek, a board-certified psychotherapist and the author of “Healing Without Hurting: Treating ADHD, Apraxia, and Autism Spectrum Disorders Naturally and Effectively without Harmful Medications.” I specialize in working with the families of children with Autism, ADHD, and their co-morbidities. I’ve seen firsthand the havoc these diagnoses can wreak, and was driven to explore alternative treatments. Thankfully I discovered natural solutions to address the underlying causes of these conditions without the need for harmful or intrusive medications.

For me this is not simply professional, but personal. At age four, my son was diagnosed with severe anxiety, apraxia, ADD/ADHD and a Pervasive Developmental Disability (PDD). Through extensive research and implementation, I began to see how much my sons mood and behavior improved with lifestyle changes and alternative treatments. These changes included a reduction of hyperactivity, depression, and anxiety symptoms. In addition, he was focusing better, his executive functioning improved and he began sleeping soundly. I discovered far better solutions than any of the conventional practitioners had to offer, made it my mission to support other children and families.

As a national speaker, I’ve toured the country conducting workshops, and sharing my expertise with parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals. Now I’m here to help you personalize and implement these strategies for healing. The time for struggle is over - healing without hurting is here.

Our Story

Learn more about me, my son Evan, and our success using non-pharmaceutical solutions to treat his Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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The book serves as a starting point and guide through the range of alternative treatments and lifestyle changes available to your family.

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I encourage you to set up a free consultation call in order to speak about the personalized support I can offer you and your family.

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Order the book! I just spent an hour browsing through it. For those who are new to alternative protocols it will be overwhelming but an important resource to have especially if you have not tackled your child's diet yet.

Sandra W.

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